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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy s

The privacy terms are tailored to address each concern that might appear for the users of

The terms like ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘customer’, and ‘user’ refer to the viewers, readers, customers, or any other party involved with Moreover, the terms ‘company’, ‘us’, and ‘we’ refer to the company The Website Design Valley or its acronym, W.D.V.

The Website Design Valley (WDV) declares and respects the privacy of its users. The declaration in the name of ‘Privacy Policy’ addresses the queries and concerns of our users regarding their data and information being utilized by WDV. The information essential to create and update the services acquired by the clients of WDV is only obtained by the company to deliver an excellent digital experience based on the specific requirements of our clients.

With the below-stated privacy terms and regulations, WDV ensures the privacy of its clientele by all means. The company also states and ensures the zero intention of unethically using the client’s data and information to further share or sell to any third party or user. Moreover, the third-party concerns are separately stated in the section below.

Main Motive

The prime purpose of the stated declaration is to briefly clarify the concerns and queries as to why WDV gathers, uses, and shares their clients' data and further information. It also clarifies why it is necessary to collect such data and information.

The stated privacy policy (hereby) sustains that WDV is rightful and free to revise, amend, change, and add to the terms of services at any point in time. The clients or users would not be officially notified of such an act. However, the team of WDV suggests its clientele and users regularly check the terms of services & privacy policy page to stay up-to-date.

Gathering Exclusive Details

TThe Website Design Valley collects a variety of information and data from its clients and users for service purposes. WDV has shared a thorough breakdown of collected data and information mentioned below.

The generic details include but are not limited to:

  • Client name
  • Email ID
  • Contact Number
  • Business or Residential Address
  • City
  • Country

The business & vendor details include but are not limited to:

  • Company Information
  • Emergency Contact
  • Support Contact
  • City
  • Country

Process of Gathered Data & Information

At The Website Design Valley, the Department of Web and app design, development, and Quality Assurance regularly monitors and manages the UI and KPIs of the projects. Furthermore, the users, vendors, customers, and business associates may encounter updates concerning web and app monitoring, management, and maintenance to ensure optimum performance.

The devoted teams of app and web design and development at WDV focus on creating a better experience for all users with a progressive UI. Additionally, the collected information shall be shared with managers, departments, and personnel of WDV. Moreover, the genuine concerns of privacy, security, and confidentiality of our users will be highly respected by the company.

Detail Security

To consider certain measures, The Website Design Valley manages an extraordinary security system to ensure the confidentiality of the collected information from the potential clients of the company in the very first occurrence.

We manage a powerful HTML5 for e-commerce infrastructure and ensure confidentiality and privacy through an advanced SSL certification (Secure Socket Layer) that is up and running at all times. The SSL has the power to encrypt our users, associates, vendors, and customers’ information, and data sharing.

Third-party Concerns

The Website Design Valley only shares the client’s information with third parties (in rare cases) when it is about improving or maintaining the networking, communications, and promotions of projects. Adding to the concerns, any exclusive information shared with any third party wholly depends on the contract between WDV and the authentic third party.

However, no third party is allowed or authorized to further utilize or share the data and information with any other concern or party in any way. WDV forbids the further sharing of its client’s data and information.

Cookie Policy

The Website Design Valley uses cookies on the site. Cookies are formulated to collect additional information from the visitors of the website, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Selected network of the website
  • Demographics
  • Interests on the basis of the website’s look and feel
  • The context of the website

The reason for cookie collection is to collectively bring and embrace an improved user experience.

WDV likes to keep the privacy terms completely transparent with its users and does not intend to keep any credit/debit card information once the project is closed.

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